Bear Surfin Mega Wave

Some waves have to be surfed, and this is one of them


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Bear Surfin Mega Wave is an eccentric, crazy, and fun arcade game where you play a drunk partying bear who, when he sees a giant wave approaching, can't resist the urge to surf it.

This wave is not exactly free of dangers. Its waters hide all sorts of things that can hurt your character, who starts the game with three hearts, or life points. Sharks will try to eat you, explosive mines will throw you up in the air, missiles will fly over the screen: everything is against you.

From time to time, you'll see first-aid kits floating on the water, which can replenish one of your life points. You just have to go over them to pick them up and stay alive a little longer. The goal in Bear Surfin Mega Wave is precisely that: to last as long as you can on your surfboard before your lives run out.

The graphics in Bear Surfin Mega Wave are really crazy, with some visual effects that are not recommended if you suffer from seizures, but that fit the game perfectly.

Bear Surfin Mega Wave is a really fun arcade game in every sense. Its straightforward gameplay lets you have a lot of fun from the very second you start the game, and its crazy situations are really hilarious.
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